Apple, White power, Ancient Scripts - A Perspective! How we learnt to see the world through DESIGN

Updated: Jan 10

During my early days of exposure to “Design and Visual communication,” my mentor asked me what do you see on the screen.

I said Apple. He then asked if it was Apple? Or the image of an apple which is prompting you to say Apple?

Later went to show another image that shows the hand gesture which looks like “SUPER” and asked what do you see?

As usual, I said “super” & then he said what if this happens to be a gesture that reflects “White Supremacy” in a few countries?

I was like what? Why does that happen so?

He then went on to explain the importance of understanding the “CONTEXT” of the brief/conversations, cultural background(s) of the Target Audience, and so on and so forth.

Personally, I don't know why but I had a deep “fascination” to learn slokas from our scriptures/Epics.

After the workshop, I started to believe our ancient Scriptures(can presume Sanskrit) are like the image of the “super” symbol and are indicators pointing towards something else, but not just what it seems to be.

So whenever I got some time I tried looking at a few of the ancient works from an alternate perspective(based on my mindset at that time).

// I also carry this perspective to the news articles I come across, to see if there is any subliminal narrative that's being propagated through such stuff.

When it comes to news articles I try to do it only after I collect supporting Data both from a scientific point of view and Nature’s point of view.//

One of the reasons this has become a conviction is

From a communication perspective, I always wondered, is our ancient literature all about mere praise of GOD/almighty/ or the supreme?

Is this it?

So many people did so much literary work just to praise the Lord in their own way? It sounded like they wasted so much time.

But really? Deep inside I felt No, there’s something else.

While there are all chances to interpret it from multiple perspectives(from the scientific point, devotion etc)

I tried to see the following work of Adi Shankaracharya from a “Mindset” we need to have during the hour of crisis when everyone was discussing how few jobs have vanished, few careers took a toss, during the first and second wave of the Pandemic

One of my personal observations is that in many instances Indian Scriptures never preferred to take “Explicit” style to convey the message. Rather it was mostly crypted in between many stanzas.

While this may make few feel that why to put it so crypted, well as of now I too don't have an answer for this.

But here it is, just go through and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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