Jandhyala Pickles : Packaging Design

An exotic pickle brand located in Hyderabad, with 20 years in the industry, they are into offline and seasonal sales, most of the time.

In order to reach a wider target segment, and establish themselves as the finest brand in the pickles segment, we helped them in building a strategy on digital space to keep the sales consistent across the year.

  • We have suggested to go for tetra packing (eco friendly) to enhance customer experience (Instead of shifting the pickle every time from a sealed cover- the same tetra pack with wider cap, can be used as a jar)

  • We have also introduced a spice meter on Website - One can select the spice meter based on their requirement and it displays the variety of pickles that comes under the selected meter.

Packaging Design For The Label

Designing the packaging labels for products that are handmade and indegenous that take us back to childhood memories.

The Challenge

The brand has gained a great amount of customer base with word of mouth spread and are very keen to get into digital space and reach a wider audience. We have designed a package which attracts the audience in digital space.

Design Style Routes

Based on the brief and market research we identified cheriyal art form (Originally from Telangana) to communicate the brand is from authentic Telugu state (Telangana)

Product Line

Pickles | Powders | Snacks

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