How Cane Express Leveraged Customer Experience and became a Trustworthy Brand

India is witnessing the hottest summer in 122 years, and this is adversely impacting every class of society. Right from soft drinks and bottled milkshakes, people resort to different items in a bid to seek relief from the soaring temperatures. However, sugarcane juice is the number one summer beverage in most parts of India, as everyone flocks around vendors pretty much any time of the day.

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Backstory: Why And How Of Cane Express

Generally, these vendors are street hawkers or have makeshift shops with little to zero branding and even no signboard in many cases. Despite the refreshing appeal of sugarcane juice that beats almost every other cold beverage out there, the lack of customer experience is evident.

That's exactly where Cane Express found its "sweet spot." Unlike other vendors. Cane Express decided to give their outlet a complete cafe-style ambience where people can sit and relax while enjoying their sugarcane juice. They ensured that the sitting area was hygienic, comfortable, air-conditioned, and had the right lighting to complement their sugarcane juice products.

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And that's not where their customer experience improvement stops- they have more than 30 flavours of all-natural, preservative-free sugarcane juice. This makes Cane Express an amazing destination to hang out with friends and family with healthy sugarcane juices to sip.

On top of that, good customer service completes Cane Express' customer experience initiatives which make it a part of the experience economy as opposed to being just another beverage store. It is noteworthy that Cane Express has four cafes in the city and they charge almost triple the price of other sugarcane juice vendors. But there's something even more interesting about this brand- Cane Express doesn't have any social media presence! Not that we find it recommendable, but of course, pulling off such brand loyalty without online presence points to the fact that their customer experience game is top-notch.

BrandPa’s Take On Cane Express

We found two factors to have played a crucial role in their success- firstly, Cane Express understood the gap: sugarcane juice was a product that didn't need advertising or any other such effort. It sold on its own, but this didn't mean that there was no room for creating an exclusive customer experience. When they began their journey, nobody had thought of doing so.

Apart from the gap in customer experience, they also understood that more customers could be attracted with the help of more flavours and a cafe-like ambience. People would happily pay upwards of 7-9x of regular prices since they would anyway spend an equivalent amount at a coffee shop. In fact, sugarcane juice could provide a more relevant alternative to coffee and tea in the summers.

Ever since Cane Express started this trend, there have been plenty of brands that have tried leveraging this wave but have failed miserably. So it is also evident that they worked very well on their business model and supply chain. If you, too, want to start a unique business that thrives on customer experience but don't know where to start, get in touch with BrandPa.