Entellus IoT Labs - Brand Identity Design

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They have been in the business of industrial automation for close to 4 years. On the flipside they are deeply involved in R & D and came out with 2 world class products which are for smart factories and smart elevators by using AI, ML and IoT.

Akshaya Automations was their brand name and the stakeholders wanted to register it as a company to invite investments for the company.

This is when they realised that they can’t get the old name for their company and were looking for an alternative solution.

While we had an interaction we understood that they have a strong domain expertise in Automation, Software Development and also IoT, which is a rarity in the market.

We proposed them to position themselves as a technology lab (which can build new solutions) rather than a mere service provider company, yet not losing the essence of their existing brand name and a new brand identity, architecture for them.

We have conducted brainstorming sessions and workshops with the stakeholders. Based on the discussions we have created the brand personality that reflects in every functionality of business.

We understood their target customers and we have named the brand as “Entellus IoT Labs”.

Entellus is a Greek word to refer to Lord Hanuman.

The Idea of considering Lord Hanuman is to represent the following qualities(as per the priority) in the brand personality

  • Knowledge

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Grace