Einstein, Energy Healer and Exploring an ancient poet’s work

During the process of exploring the nature of our scriptures from an alternate perspective (If you haven't read it earlier you can read it here) behind these

I have come across an Energy Healer - Sidra Jafri who has thrown immense light on energy and how it impacts our lives on a daily basis.

Here are the links to what she spoke about her experiences around energy and her viewpoint has been of great help for me to understand a few slokas and mantras from our scriptures/literature/rituals.

The conversation from 14:00 - 18:22 is the key premise for this article.

While I was watching, the above video, the conversation from the above-mentioned timeline has hit me straight, I could sense something different regarding one of the padyaas from Bhagavatam.

In one of the chapters on Prahlada, Bhagavatam goes to establish devotion and his excellence as a child prodigy.

To relate well or to look at it from an alternate lens(the lens I am looking from), I am presenting it by drawing a parallel from a cinema.

Prahlada’s father Hiranyakasipa is a great ruler( for the sake of context, I am deliberately avoiding the Idea of Siva Bhakti or his religious inclination) with lot of personal achievements like Ravana and this fills him with a lot of prejudice he always tends to look down on the brilliance of his own child.

(For convenience sake those who can understand Telugu watch the below two videos from an award-winning Film Rudraveena, where while the son believes that Music is Universal and should also be used to soothe masses, the father a celebrated vocalist always shuns the reformist mindset of the sun and keeps claiming the greatness, sanctity and confining it to the elite).

Now in the same way Hiranyakasipa asks Prahlada, what did he learn from his teachers in the Gurukula and he goes on to say this. (Now I'm Considering the following 3 poems from Bhagavatam. Bammera pothana is a Telugu poet known for translating Bhagavatam into Telugu)

క. చదివించిరి నను గురువులు

చదివితి ధర్మార్థముఖరశాస్త్రంబులు నే

చదివినవి గలవు పెక్కులు

చదువులలో మర్మమెల్ల జదివితి తండ్రీ. (10)

cadiviMciri nanu guruvulu

cadiviti dharmArthamukharashAstraMbulu nE

cadivinavi galavu pekkulu

caduvulalO marmamella jadiviti taMDrI

O father (PrahlAda tells Hiranyakashipu)! The teachers taught me very well, I read various texts on right conduct, I read a lot of things, and I studied the essence of all that is needed to be learned.

కలడంబోధి గలండు గాలి గలడాకాశంబునం గుంభినిం

గల డగ్నిన్ దిశలం బగళ్లనిశలన్ ఖద్యోతచంద్రాత్మలం

గల డోంకారమునం ద్రిమూర్తుల ద్రిలింగవ్యక్తులం దంతటం

గల డీశుండు గలండు తండ్రి వెదకంగా నేల యీయాయెడన్. (17)

kalaDaMbOdhi galaMDu gAli galaDAkAshaMbunaM guMbhiniM

gala Dagnin dishalaM bagaLlanishalan khadyOtacaMdrAtmalaM

gala DOMkAramunaM drimUrtula driliMgavyaktulaM daMtaTaM

gala DIshuMDu galaMDu taMDri vedakaMgA nEla yIyAyeDan

When Hiranyakashipu asks where Hari is,

PrahlAda replied – O father! Hari is in the oceans, in the air, in the sky, in the earth, in fire, in all directions, in daytime and night time, in those who light up the sky such as the moon, in OMkAra, in the three deities (Brahma, ViShnu, Shiva), in all three genders, in everywhere; why look here and there?

క. ఇందు గల డందు లేడని

సందేహము వలదు చక్రి సర్వోపగతుం

డెందెందు వెదకి చూచిన

అందందే కలడు దానవాగ్రణి వింటే. (18)

iMdu gala DaMdu lEDani

saMdEhamu valadu cakri sarvOpagatuM

DeMdeMdu vedaki cUcina

aMdaMdE kalaDu dAnavAgraNi viMTE.

O, king! There is no need for a doubt whether He is here or there. Cakri (Hari) is everywhere, wherever you see you can find Him there.

When we look at the meaning of the above two poems, the essence happens to be

Everything in this universe is a form of energy and Is there anything in this Universe that is void of energy.

In the past few centuries, Energy in Indian scriptures is predominantly attached to Sakthi- female form, it can be looked at from a neutral perspective (there are only leaders, nothing like men and women leaders, leadership is a trait that has no gender bias).

To conclude the above point it can be written like this too.

Everything in this universe is a manifestation of energy.

Isn’t Einstein's special theory a simplified and more appealing expression in a language that is of convenience to a global audience?

Coincidentally as I have mentioned (in my earlier article on Bhaja Govindam, if you haven't read it earlier, you can read it here) most of these points are put in a cryptic way, and many times not even in sequence.

There are around 7 poems between the first two stanzas presented above.

You can find the link to those poems here