Dr. Finance Brand Identity

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Concept :

Dr. Finance is into providing BusinessLoans, Personal Loans, Home Loans, Health and Term Insurance services.

Swadishaa financial services was their brand name and they want to reposition themselves as a complete solution provider in the areas of loans and insurance by developing products with technology. They are known to suggest/provide right solutions over sales and one of those who provide post sale service(processing claims of anyone who approaches them). Inshort they are reputed for their personal attention and genuinity.

We have conducted a brand discovery workshop with the stakeholders and then we have provided the below solution.

The way a doctor suggests/ insists on the right medication to the victims, the same thought process is reflected in providing right solutions (policies/ loans) to their customers, which makes customers treat them as reliable service providers.

Thus the brand name Dr. Finance was perceived by amalgamating Doctor and Finance representing the above qualities in the brand personality and also to show the line of business they are into.