Brand Strategy for Thriguna Ayurveda

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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A seasoned Ayurvedic Doctor with close to 75 years of legacy to his family, Dr. Simha Raju is in Ayurveda practice for the past 25 years. Besides earning a successful name in the market by word-of-mouth, he wants to reach a larger audience in his segment.

In order to scale up his practice and reach out to more people with his effective remedies and treatment, he wanted to explore how he can give the best and also improve the throughput in his practice.

The process

Based on the work executed to date from his end, BrandPa suggested conducting a workshop with Dr.Raju to brainstorm and freeze on the following points.

Identifying the present service mix vs. revenue generated on a monthly basis

Having a Brand Personality, Brand name, Brand Identity to develop consistency

Building an e-Commerce website to sell his products and manage consultations

Marketing strategy to reach target customers - increase traffic to the website, do more product sales, standardize consultations

Brand Name and Identity

  • Language

- English - International

- Sanskrit background is also an option to go with.

  • The name should be self-explanatory

  • The name should be neutral

  • The name should be traditional /modern /classic

  • Based on the above details, we have finalized Thriguna as the brand name (We took this in the context of Kapha, Pitta and Vata which are the basic traits on which Ayurveda medication for ailments has been built)


  • To date, the marketing model is purely word of mouth.

  • As we want to reach and acquire new customers through digital media, the products on the e-commerce site should solve the individual’s ailments in the first place and then result in increased consultations eventually.

Based on the above exercise of identifying the customer mix from the past data we have identified a few products that have great potential to stand out in the market. This exercise, combined with the existing customer demographics, were used to come up with the marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

We have identified the following ways for marketing

  • Increase consultations with Dr.Simha Raju through content creation and getting the doctor more visibility.

  • Creating a YouTube channel/ arranging shows with reputed YouTube channels in the market to get awareness and thereby increase brand value for Dr.Simha Raju.

  • A website with the name Thriguna for product sales.

  • Creating content on YouTube and Instagram on tips, case studies, etc. to create engagement.