Jigydi - Outdoor campaign strategy to increase inbound calls.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Jigydi is a home care service provider based out of Hyderabad.

After working for 3 years and getting a good reputation in their locality of operations, they were unable to get further traction in the form of more inquiries with respect to their business. Jigydi approached us during a period of lead stagnation to try and understand how to expand their services to the rest of the city, and how to capture the attention of this market.

The problem statement

In a day, they were able to get just 5-6 inquiries, which was not viable or sustainable. They needed to quickly penetrate new localities and improve their lead generation system.

Our solution

Contrary to what most marketers would recommend in this scenario (increase the spend on digital ads), we came up with a strategy to go for outdoor media promotions at a busy junction in Hyderabad city. This location was chosen not only because of its footfall but because of the nature of the crowds that crossed the junction each day (office-goers with families who needed someone to take care of their elders at home while they were away).

Even though they were skeptical about the budget they had to invest in OOH, we explained the need and impact they could create by choosing outdoor media


Eventually, after the execution of this strategy, they started witnessing the results from the 3rd month of advertising. Accounting for the time it takes for OOH to generate brand recall, this was to be expected.

From month three onwards, they started receiving a few hundred calls, and because this was the only marketing approach implemented until then, the success of OOH could be clearly demonstrated.